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Gallery ~ The Iraqi Farmers Project

Gibson has worked on The Iraqi Farmer Project from December of 2003 to January 2006. It has three parts:

Requiem to Dhuluaya - the Artwork
The Letter of Apology
Harvest Aid Fund and Response from Iraq

In December of 2003, Gibson read a press story about the destruction in the Fall of 2003 of citrus and date groves in Dhuluaya, Iraq by US military personnel. The project grew to include a letter of apology to the farmers of Dhuluaya, a fundraising effort to support the Food Pantry at Westover Air Force Base and the farmers in Iraq, and an art piece in honor of the farmers and their groves.


Bodhisattva Gallery
Story of the Altars
Text of Invocations

Food Altar Gallery
Story of the Altars

The Iraq Project
Dhuluaya Gallery
Apology Letter
Harvest Aid Fund

Past Work Gallery
Story of Past Work

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